Blurb: A lonely teacher casts her homemade love charm into the cold waters of Boston Harbor. She wants desperately to believe in her unique magic ingredient to win her a “forever after” love.

The hot Special Forces soldier who appears is desperate for her. But the world is his stomping ground, and nothing lasts for more than a night.

Does the love charm have enough power to create the magic of true love?


“You’re my sister’s roommate? You live with Brenna?” Glen raised his brows. “That’s great.”

Ashley knew better than to ask, but the word came out anyway. “Why?”

He gave her an irresistible grin that she recognized from the photos. All white teeth and wicked curves. “That means I’ll be spending the night with you.”

“Very funny.” She held his gaze, determined not to let him know the flutter his words set up in her breast. Because she knew, with every fiber of her being, that he was the type who could shred her heart without even breaking a sweat.

He winked at her, and she dropped her gaze, realizing he’d caught her staring.

“Don’t be so prickly,” he said. “Join us for a drink. I’m here with some of my mates who hail from New England. Call it a welcome home for a returning soldier.”

“Thank you for your service,” she said primly. “But I’m not attracted to macho men.”

A lie if she’d ever said one. Her entire body was vibrating like a tuning fork that had been struck. Her nipples buzzed madly, her back had straightened ’til it felt like a classroom ruler, and the rest of her simply yearned. Yearned to give in to the pull he exerted, to be drawn against his hard frame.

Pathetic, that’s what she was.

“Good thing I’m not a macho man, then.” His quick grin hit her right in her chest, where butterflies already danced in a mad frenzy. He was too attractive. She should go home.

“Come on.” He pulled gently on the hand he somehow still held. “Brenna’s told me so much about you. I want to hear all about your love charm.” He laughed, his dark eyes gleaming.

Ashley saw red. Brenna had told him about the love charm? No wonder he was looking at her with such interest. He thought she was ripe for the plucking. A lonely first grade teacher, desperate for love.

breathing as heavily as he was.


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